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TATRA TRUCKS a.s. is one of the oldest vehicle manufacturers in the world. It has always been situated in Koprivnice, a town in the eastern part of the Czech Republic, the Moravia-Silesia region. TATRA TRUCKS a.s. has two subsidiaries - Taforge a.s. and Tafonco a.s. Its core production programme includes heavy-duty off-road trucks and vehicles for combined off-road and on-road transport which have been continuously improved due to increasing customer requirements. One important advantage of TATRA, a.s., not only in the field of development but also production capacities, is the high level of human potential. The TATRA brand trucks are based on the TATRA vehicle design which has not yet been successfully copied by anybody. Heavy trucks from Koprivnice are famous for their passability through the most difficult terrains in extreme climatic conditions, high reliability and excellent utility characteristics. TATRAs can adjust to bitter frosts as well as abnormally high desert temperatures.

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