Transport Authorities ( Section 68 )

No Type of Permit Brief description Permit Form Fees Class of Vehicles to which it applies

Stage Carriage


Conveyance of passengers between different stages without prior contract



MSRTC Municipal corporations etc.


Particular Contract Carriage


Conveyance of passengers between two points with prior contract but not as a stage carriage





Metered Taxi

Non Metered Taxi

 Maxi Cab


Goods Carriers

Transportation of goods within the state for hire or reward


 200 Goods trucks , Delivery Vans , Trailers etc.

Private Service Vehicles


Transportation of the employees of the company other than for hire or reward in connection to the trade or business .


 200 Company owned busses .
5 Temporary Permit Use of transport vehicles on special occasions like fairs , religions gatherings , seasonal business , to meet a particular temporary need and in case of pending decisions on renewal of permit.

P.Tem .A  

50  All kind of transport vehicles.

Special Permit      U/S 88(8)

Transportation of passengers for hire or reward under a contract in any other region or state.


 50(per month)

Passengers busses
 Contract carriages


Tourist Vehicles permit in the state of Maharashtra.

Transportation of passengers to the places of religions importance or to promote tourism in the state


 300 Semi Luxury / Luxury A/C , Omnibus, motor cab.

National permit for goods vehicles

Transportation of goods all over India .

Form 48 

Form 46 

 300 Goods truck (with sleeping berth to spare driver)
9 Tourist Vehicle permit valid throughout the territory of India Transportation of passengers to the places of tourist importance throughout India.

Form 45 

Form 46 

 300 Tourist cab or buses

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